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Zack Snyder Said To Have Been Fired From Justice League

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Sun, 02/11/2018 - 18:54

It's now being said that Zack Snyder was fired from the Justice League movie and DCEU.

Following Zack Snyder having left the Justice League due to a family emergency in May, a report surfaced in July stating that Zack Snyder's future with the DC movies was limited at best.

Now the writer of the article for Mashable has taken to Twitter to state that Zack Snyder was fired, and basically says he had to spin the article away from stating that Snyder had been fired.

Since I'm shifting into DGAF mode, here's a hot one for ya: Zack Snyder was fired from the DCEU just over 1 year ago. Couldn't write it ~quite~ that way at the time, but was able to tapdance around it [clumsy/oblique headline not mine]

The news isn't that surprising as Zack Snyder really isn't directly involved in any more DC movies other than being contractually listed as a producer.

The writer, Josh L. Dickey, also sounded off on the entertainment "news" industry, which I must say is rather refreshing.