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Wonder Woman Said To Be Worse Than Batman vs. Superman

Matt McGloin
Posted: 05/26/2017 - 18:10

We may have our first negative review for Wonder Woman.

Following yesterday's Reddit review stating Wonder Woman is f'n awesome, now another Redditor who has seen Wonder Woman offers up it's worse than Batman vs. Superman!

Redditor tiensss posts: 

I saw Wonder Woman at a special screening on May 24th in Europe (proof), and my opinion is the polar opposite of what we've seen of reviews so far.

For me, Wonder Woman was quite bad.

In terms of other DC movies it's compared to - way worse than BvS, on par with Suicide squad, but for vastly different reasons (which will probably make it a lot better in the eyes of a part of the audience).

I'll keep it spoiler-free.

Things I absolutely didn't like:

• The clichés. Oh the amount of clichés, especially in the dialogue. Almost every line uttered (minus the humor-intended lines) could be plastered on a bad motivational poster meme thingy.

• The villain. The villain is so badly fleshed out, it's not even funny, and I'm not talking about your usual villain in superhero movies that leave no consequences on the world. It is supposed to be this huge twist in terms of who the villain is, but there is no build-up and it could have been any other character, and the impact would be the same.

• The dramatic moments. Oh boy, the movie is full of epic-dramatic-music, blinding-colors, slow-mo/stills, perfect-looking-rotating-shots at every single point that is above average in terms of plot-moving and story-telling. It usually follows some inspirational piece of dialogue.

• Gimmicky CGI. CGI is ... rather bad, especially the movement. It looks so gimmicky, so unnatural, like it has its totally own physics, but in many ways it's like you would fast-forward the foreground of the movie and leave the background on regular speed. The plastic-feel of some of the visuals didn't look all too good as well.

• The plot devices. I mean, okay, I know it's a superhero movie, but come on. Trying to be spoiler-free, but some plot devices are so badly introduced into the story, so nonchalantly, that it simply takes you out of the movie really hard.

• The stereotypical story-telling/writing. Again, it's a superhero movie, I know. But still, the black-and-white characters and events, the quests before the big bad boss, the love story ... Eh.

• Weird balance of humor and bleakness. At times it wants to be a Marvel movie, yet at some other times it tries to have these really depressive scenes ... I don't know if it pulls this off, especially because the humor feels so today, yet it was supposed to take place 100 years ago.

• The pacing. I didn't particularly like it, thought it was messy. but can't really point finger to what made it so.

Some good stuff:

• Chris Pine. Great acting.

• Gal Gadot was okay, better than expected.

• The first act (life on Themyscira) was interesting, well-paced and immersive.

• I chuckled twice.

• The concept of Ares.

All in all, I didn't like the movie and think it was below average, if not mostly meh and bad in some aspects. I know this clashes a lot with media reviews and from some users in r/movies, but it's sincerely how I saw it.

"Wonder Woman" opens June 2nd.