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Wonder Woman 2: Patty Jenkins Not Signed On Yet

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Wed, 06/07/2017 - 15:35

Contrary to an earlier report, it's now being said that Patty Jenkins is not signed on as of yet to do a Wonder Woman sequel.

The good news is that it does seem Patty Jenkins will direct Wonder Woman 2 and even have more leverage and say about the next movie which will star Gal Gadot.

THR reports that WB only signed Patty Jenkins on for one movie, which may in turn end up costing them some big bucks to get Jenkins back for Wonder Woman 2 as WW is such a big success.

It's said a one-picture deal is the norm for WB signing a director to take on a big-budget movie for the first time. We can probably also add in with the lukewarm reception to the previous three DCEU movies, and with WW featuring a female superhero and really no big-name actors, WB might have been gun shy to sign Patty Jenkins for a multi-picture deal.

It's reported WB and Patty Jenkins should begin negotiations for Wonder Woman 2, which may see Jenkins also get script duties with DC co-runner Geoff Johns on the Wonder Woman sequel and potential other movies.

Patty Jenkins did offer possible details about Wonder Woman 2 in that it may be set during today and also in part in the United States.

Wonder Woman opened with $103 million.