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Wonder Woman 2 Gets The Expendables Writer

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 09/14/2017 - 23:28

With the live-action Robotech movie getting Wonder Woman writer Jason Fuchs, it's become known Wonder Woman 2 will be written by The Expendables co-scribe Dave Callaham.

THR reports Dave Callaham joins both Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns to write the sequel to Wonder Woman.

It's reported Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns have been working on a treatment for several months on Wonder Woman 2, with Callaham now joining them to write the script.

Plot details for Wonder Woman 2 are being kept a secret, but it's been said to possibly be featured during the 1980s Cold War between the U.S. and Russia. Rumors have stated Cheetah may be a villain, and one rumor event went so far as to state Chris Pine will be returning as Steve Trevor.

The article notes Patty Jenkins and Dave Callaham have a strong working relationship together, as Jenkins brought Callaham on board Wonder Woman 2 after working with him on a previous project.

In addition to The Expendables, Dave Callaham is known for helping out with the writing on the 2014 Godzilla movie, the two Expendables sequels, and has Zombieland 2, The Expenables 4 and the Mortal Kombat movie in the works. 

WB has given Wonder Woman 2 a December 13, 2019 release date; however, Disney recently announced a new December release date for J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: Episode IX, so it's guessed Wonder Woman 2's release date may be changed.