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Watch: Sad Kevin Feige Spider-Man Venom Movie Video

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 06/19/2017 - 15:25

We all remember the sad Ben Affleck video that went viral, right?

Now with the recent news that Spider-Man is a part of Sony's Venom Spiderverse movies, it's Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige's turn!

In a joint promo interview for Spider-Man: Homecoming, Sony's Amy Pascal let it loose that Spider-Man will be a part of their Spiderverse movies which presently includes Venom and the Silver Sable and Black Cat movie. Amy Pascal also stated back in March that Spider-man would be coming back to Sony, and Feige himself even recently stated Spider-Man: Homecoming is a Sony film.

Kevin Feige also said that Venom will not be a part of the MCU, so it sounds like more or less that - similar to the Marvel TV characters - the MCU will simply be ignoring Venom and any of the other Sony Spider-Man spinoffs.

Watch the video below of the interview in which a fan adds in music from "The Sound Of Silence."

I actually felt Kevin Feige handled himself pretty well in the interview (he usually does) when Amy Pascal dropped the Venom bomb. I think the video should be retitled the "sad fan version"-- because we all want Spider-Man as far away from Sony as possibly can be and completely back with Marvel!