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Watch: Green Lantern & Doctor Strange Are The Same Movie

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Wed, 03/01/2017 - 10:12


The 2011 Green Lantern movie and the recent Marvel Doctor Strange movie are one and the same?

YouTuber Nando Movies puts up footage from both movies side-by-side and offers an explanation, which actually sounds pretty solid!

With the exception being, of course, that Marvel did Doctor Strange better.

Comparisons include:

• Green Lantern = Doctor Strange

• Sinesto = Mordo

• Hector Hammond = Kaecilius

• Abin Sur = The Ancient One

• Kilowog = Wong

• Parallax = Dormmamu

• Carol Ferris = Christine Palmer

Watch the video below for more.

For what it's worth, Green Lantern made $219.8 million in the U.S compared to Doctor Strange's whopping $675.9 million.


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