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Walking Dead, Inhumans, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones Seasons Could Be In Trouble

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Wed, 04/26/2017 - 01:09

Some of your favorite TV shows might be facing potential big delays.

Hollywood writers have authorized a potential strike over contracts and wages with the big studios. If an agreement can't be made with the Writer's Guild, the strike is scheduled to start May 1st, which may affect a lot of TV series including The Walking Dead Season 8, Marvel and ABC's Inhumans, Marvel and Netflix's Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, American Horror Story, Star Trek: Discovery and more. gives a run-down of the TV series that look to be most affected, with the above series listed.

For The Walking Dead Season 8, it's noted the writers strike has the potential to delay the October release date. The Walking Dead Season 8 is scheduled to start filming the same day of the writers strike, and while the scripts might be complete (or some of the episodes), a lot of TV series do add finishing touches, which wouldn't be able to be completed.

Regarding Inhumans, while the series is filming and it is only a short 8-episode season, the report still mentions the writers strike could be a potential setback.

The second season's of Marvel and Netflix's Luke Cage and Jessica Jones could likely face similar issues as it's noted that even though Netflix isn't obligated to the Writer's Guild, they still respect the rules and regulations.

American Horror Story, similar to The Walking Dead, returns in October around Halloween and could face setbacks as it's said the show likes to polish its scripts during filming.

CBS' new Star Trek: Discovery digital series could face a photon torpedo as it currently has no release date and is half-way through filming its 13-episode series; so the writers strike could put a dent in the new Enterprise show.

Other series that could be negatively impacted include: The Mindy Project (Hulu), Zoo (CBS), Saturday Night Live (NBC) and possibly Late-Night Talk Shows.

Obviously if the writers strike goes on for the long run, lots of other TV shows will be affected.

The report notes TV series likely NOT to be impacted include: HBO’s Game of Thrones (July 16), Showtime’s Twin Peaks (May 21), Netflix’s Orange is the New Black (June 9), BBC's  final season of Orphan Black (June 10), Starz’ American Gods (April 30), Starz’s Outlander (September), AMC’s Preacher (June 25), and Netflix’s Stranger Things (Oct. 31).

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