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Twitter War Erupts Over Superman & Man of Steel

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Sat, 04/22/2017 - 19:21

If I could change two things about Man of Steel it would probably be the Pa Kent death scene and the Zod death scene.

If those two scenes were a bit different in Man of Steel, a bit more hopeful and less depressing, I think Man of Steel would have done a lot better at the box office and been liked by more fans.

Now following the 79th anniversary of Superman, which saw artist and DC animated director Jay Oliva post Man of Steel storyboards, a Twitter war has erupted over the movie.

Following Jay Oliva posting the Man of Steel storyboards, a writer on Twitter, Alex Beldsoe, replied back," Why didn't you post a storyboard from a real Superman movie?" which then saw Jay Oliva post a series of tweets defending Man of Steel, with of course fans chiming in.

Beldsoe also added: "Nope. The guy in Man of Steel, who grew up terrified and aimless and let Jonathan Kent die? Not Superman. Not even a hero, really."

Check it out: