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Sony Developing Morbius The Living Vampire Movie

Matt McGloin
Posted: 11/13/2017 - 14:36
Sony Developing Morbius The Living Vampire Movie

Sony is developing a movie for Marvel's Morbius The Living Vampire, which extends its slate of Spider-Man related spinoff films.

In addition to Venom and Silver and Black, THR reports Morbius is in the works, which is being written by Power Rangers writers Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama.

Sony has the film rights to the character due to Morbius first appearing in Amazing Spider-Man #101, created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Gil Kan, and the first issue not written by Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee.

The character of Morbius is described as: Dr. Michael Morbius, a scientist who suffered from a rare blood disease and attempted to cure himself to disastrous results. He instead became afflicted with a condition that was a form of vampirism — the thirst for blood, along with fangs and super strength — and fought Spider-Man. Over time, however, he became a slightly heroic figure in his own right (aka an anti-hero).

While it has been said the new Sony Spider-Man spinoff movies are not connected to Marvel Studios, the article notes "the studio, however, is being coy as to whether or not these new movies will be connected to Sony’s Tom Holland movies or connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe that is being produced by Marvel Studios."

Amy Pascal, producer on Spider-Man: Homecoming and former head of Sony Pictures, previously hinted that Tom Holland and Spider-Man will eventually return to Sony following the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequels.

The Sony SpiderVerse kicks off with Venom, which is currently filming starring Tom Hardy, for an October 5, 2018 release.