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Shazam Audition Tapes

Shazam Audition Tapes Reveal Possible Details

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 09/20/2017 - 09:29
Shazam Audition Tapes

Director David F. Sandberg is currently in the pre-production phase of the DCEU Shazam movie, and while no casting announcements have been made as of yet, apparent audition tapes for the movie have found their way online, which reveal potential details about the film.

Update: An audition tape by an Arrow actor as Captain Marvel hits the net.

The audition tapes include two potential young actors for the role of Billy Batson, with a third young actor playing a friend to Billy. All do a fine job and would make a great pairing on screen.

While the lines spoken in the audition tapes do not necessarily reflect what will end up in the Shazam movie, they do go over Billy Batson meeting the wizard for the first time, as well as Billy discussing Captain Marvel and the costume with his friends.

In addition, the Shazam audition tapes apparently reveal the villain of the movie with the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man, aka Seven Deadly Sins. Watch the second video below around the 3:15 mark where the "wizard" mentions the sins.

The Seven Deadly Sins are seven demons that can take control of people's bodies and force them to follow their base desires. The Sins were captured by the wizard Shazam many years ago, and encased in seven mockingly stone statues, which were placed in the Rock of Eternity. We can guess they escape in the movie, and it's up to Captain Marvel to protect the world and capture them.

The audition tapes also offer the tone of the Shazam movie, which looks to be a lot of fun judging by what the boys say.  My first impression was similar to Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Here are the Shazam audition tapes: