Welcome to the third episode of the United Front "Going Knowhere" Cosmic Books News and Nova Prime Page Podcast! With your hosts, Matt McGloin from CosmicBookNews.com, Doug Smith of the NovaPrimePage.com and Ryan Read from the Cosmic Blog! In this episode we discuss the end of the Nova/Sphinx arc; the Avatar of Death and GoTG; "The Thanos Imperative" and The Fault; "Secret Avengers;" Jeph Loeb on Marvel Cosmic(!); a Captain Mar-vell Contest; unreleased pages from "Nova"; War of Supermen; Hulk and a whole lot more! You can listen in the player above or download the attachment below. Also, broken up into five parts for easy listening! Be sure to subscribe to the United Front Podcast RSS Feed: http://cosmicbooknews.com/podcast/feed/1 Now up on iTunes! United Front Podcast Episode 3 Recorded: 5/31/10 File Size: 50.16 MB File Format: MP3 Time: 00:53:52 5 Parts (8-9 MB/9 minutes each) Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five