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Green Lantern Movie: Bzzd

Posted By: Staff
Sun, 08/15/2010 - 01:13

Check out the Green Lantern Corps member Bzzd!
Courtesy of our friends over at Comic Book Movies, here is a look at the little bugger from the upcoming Green Lantern movie scheduled to light our darkest day on June 17th 2011!
Apparently a favorite of director Martin Cambell, Bzzd appeared in the comics taking down Guy Gardner and Mongul! The little guy also saved Kilowog from infected Yellow Lantern spores. Sadly, he met his fate while battling Mongul during the "Rinquest Affair" where he attacked Mongul from the inside. Last seen (I believe) as one of the Black Lanterns, who will Bzzd bug in the Green Lantern Movie?!
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