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New Armie Hammer As Green Lantern Fan Art

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Tue, 03/21/2017 - 19:15

We still don't know if Armie Hammer is Green Lantern, but the latest piece of fan art gives us another idea what Armie Hammer might look like as Hal Jordan.

Sentry Designs on Twitter is responsible for the following piece of cool Armie Hammer as Green Lantern art.

The latest regarding Armie Hammer as Green Lantern is a recent interview which saw the actor state he is technically up for the role.

In addition, Superman Henry Cavill has been teasing Green Lantern on social media, which looks to be aimed at Armie Hammer as Green Lantern.

If Armie Hammer isn't playing Green Lantern, another potential possibility could be Nightwing. A Nightwing movie is in the works, and back in 2008 saw Armie Hammer cast as Batman in the defunct George Miller Justice League movie; so it's possible WB could be still eyeing him for a role in the DCEU, maybe as the former sideick to Ben Affleck's Batman. Ben Affleck stands at 6'4'', with Armie Hammer being 6'5" at 30 years old.