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The Mummy Rotten Tomatoes Score Is In!

The Mummy Rotten Tomatoes Score Is In!

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Wed, 06/07/2017 - 15:20
The Mummy Rotten Tomatoes Score Is In!

Update: The Mummy is now down to 18% with 149 "Rotten" reviews with only 32 "Fresh." 


Original article:

The Mummy Rotten Tomatoes score is in, and it's--rotten!

The first batch of reviews for The Mummy are in with 31 in the negative and only 11 positive.

There's more bad news for The Mummy as it's been said Wonder Woman will once again take the #1 box office spot for the second week in a row, with The Mummy actually now estimated lower due to WW's success.

It should be said that The Mummy absolutely crushed it in South Korea as it took their #1 box office spot and beat Wonder Woman in box office gross by 6-to-1.

Tom Cruise happens to have a huge international draw, which is where the bulk of The Mummy revenue is expected, with stateside expected to be around $35 million for the opening weekend.

The Mummy also kicks off Universal's new Dark Universe monster cinematic universe, so there is a good reason to see the flick. I'm a big Tom Cruise fan myself and also an old school monster fan, so I'll definitely be going to see The Mummy this weekend.

The Mummy opens tomorrow with advance screenings directed by Alex Kurtzman also starring Sofia Boutella and Russell Crowe.

Up next for the Dark Universe is Bride of Frankenstein!


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