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Matt Reeves Has Control Of Batman; DCEU In State Of Flux

Matt McGloin
Posted: 03/01/2017 - 11:27

Following Ben Affleck departing from directing the Batman movie, Warner Bros. brought in Matt Reeves to take over the gig, which wasn't without its own troubles.

It was at first reported that Matt Reeves directing the Batman movie was a done deal, but then it was said Matt Reeves had walked away from talks, only for talks to apparently have resolved with Matt Reeves officially announced as the director on Batman.

A new rumor is now stating the reason Matt Reeves walked was a result of the fallout from Batman vs. Superman.

Slash Report is stating prior to Batman vs. Superman, WB didn't have a big hand in the DCEU films and let the directors use their own vision, but when test screenings were done, WB decided to get more involved, which resulted in changes to both BvS and Suicide Squad, in addition to Geoff Johns coming on board (with Johns more of a result of the BvS aftermath with the poor box office and reviews).

It's said WB getting further involved is the reason they have lost so many directors, as WB wants more creative control, which is the reason why WB and Matt Reeves initially butted heads over Batman (also why James Wan almost bailed on Aquaman).

The report claims that Matt Reeves wants full control of the Batman property, similar to what James Wan did get with Aquaman, and that Matt Reeves got it. According to the report, Matt Reeves wants to "build up a world" for Batman and not just use Ben Affleck, Geoff Johns and Chris Terrio's ideas and script.

It's further said that the DCEU is in a current state of flux as only Aquaman is on the table following Justice League, with it said The Flash is back to the drawing board with no director and a thrown out script, and the Cyborg movie is said to have "seemingly fallen off into oblivion."