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Kong: Skull Island Is King At Box Office

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Mon, 03/13/2017 - 17:59

Kong: Skull Island has taken the #1 spot at the box office and even exceeded expectations.

In the U.S., Kong Skull Island netted $61 million, which beats out the industry estimates of around $50-55 million.

Add another $85 million from foreign audiences and Kong: Skull Island has a current worldwide box office gross of $146,115,000.

Rotten Tomatoes has Kong: Skull Island at 79% positive among the critics, with 76% of the audience stating they liked it.

Kong: Skull Island was a pretty fun movie, worth a watch in theaters. The script was a bit shaky, but watching the action unfold makes up for anything the story lacked. Plus it further develops the new MonsterVerse with Godzilla, which is another bonus. 

Speaking of Godzilla, back in 2014 its opening weekend brought in a hefty $93 million, but Godzilla quickly faded. Kong might have more staying power, especially considering there is more than eight minutes of footage featuring the giant Ape.

James Mangold and Hugh Jackman's Logan also had another strong week at the box office, coming in at #2 with $37.85 million, giving it a current domestic haul of $152,656,733, with another $284,380,474 internationally, for a current worldwide gross of $437,037,207.

(numbers via box office mojo)

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