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Joker Origins Movie Script Is Ready

Matt McGloin
Posted: 09/21/2017 - 12:04
Joker Origins Movie Script Is Ready

Last month saw word that WB is developing a Joker origins movie, which will be set outside the Justice League DCEU universe and launch a brand of DC movies that are unique, standalone and separate.

It's reported Martin Scorsese is involved and also that Leonardo DiCaprio is wanted for the role of the Joker - as this one won't feature Jared Leto in the role - with the movie being directed by Hangover's Todd Phillips.

Now it's being said that the Joker origins movie script is already complete and being sent to WB, as a reporter for Variety tweeted out the Joker script is being turned in next week with it suggested the movie may start filming next year.

As noted, it seems as if Warner Bros. is fast-tracking the Joker origins flick.

Further details also include the Joker origins movie has been said to be "super dark and real," with the Joker "as a kid, he had a permanent smile and everyone made fun of him. It’s like on the streets of Brooklyn." 

WB is also developing a separate Joker movie for Jared Leto pairing him again with Harley Quinn; Jared Leto also said to be appearing in Suicide Squad 2 and the DC female villains movie, Gotham City Sirens.

It does seems as if the two different Jokers could cause confusion with the general audience, but apparently WB will be giving the brand something to set it apart, perhaps calling it "Elseworlds" like in the comics or something similar.

A Superman "Red Son" movie has also been pitched to WB, which would obviously be a part of the new DC standalone brand. Matt Reeves' Batman movie may also be potentially a part of the different branding of DC movies.