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John Cena Rumored For Shazam; Plot Synopsis & Character Descriptions Rumored

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 09/04/2017 - 22:56

Following director David F. Sandberg seemingly teasing a villain and a talking tiger for the Shazam movie, now the plot synopsis for the film is being rumored in addition to actors and character descriptions.

According to the Hashtag Show, the Shazam movie closely follows the comics:

Based on the DC Comics character “Shazam!” Billy Batson becomes Captain Marvel, the world’s mightiest mortal, when he says the magic word “Shazam! The name is an acronym for six gods and heroes of the ancient world as well as their attributes. The wisdom of Solomon, strength of Hercules, stamina of Atlas, power of Zeus, courage of Achilles and speed of Mercury. 

The role of Billy Batson is also described as:

Male, 12-15 years old. A teenager who becomes Captain Marvel, the world's mightiest mortal. Granted access to incredible powers by the wizard Shazam, he speaks the wizard's name and is struck by a lighting bolt that gives him the powers of gods. 

The video rumors that there is still no word who WB and Sandberg are trying to get to play Billy Batson, but it's said two contenders for the role of Captain/Marvel include Josh Sasse, known for the Galavant and No Tomorrow TV series, in addition to WWE superstar John Cena, who is starring in the upcoming Transformers Bumblebee spinoff movie.

It's also said Shazam will start filming in February, with it previously said to be released April 2019.

Dwayne Johnson is also set to play Black Adam, but has said not to be a part of the Shazam movie and will instead get his own solo flick, with Shazam and Black Adam meeting up some time down the road. 

John Cena Shazam fan art:

Josh Sasse from ABC's Galavant: