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James Gunn Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Q&A: Infinity War, Star Wars & More

James Gunn Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Q&A: Infinity War, Star Wars & More

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Tue, 04/04/2017 - 18:13
James Gunn Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Q&A: Infinity War, Star Wars & More

James Gunn recently took to Facebook to participate in a Live Q&A. Below you can check out some of the highlights which includes mention of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, The Avengers: Infinity War, Star Wars and more.

Gunn also announced that he is posting an image every day on his social media accounts from Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and that tickets are currently on sale.

You can watch the James Gunn Facebook Live video below.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 hits May 5th.


• Crazies thing pitched that Marvel approved: Ego in/has a big role in GOTG 2; use of the Sony Walkman in GOTG 1.

• Bradley Cooper won't be replacing Sean Gunn as the motion-reference actor for Rocket Raccoon.

• No role in shaping the Guardians of the Galaxy Tell Tale Video Game except that he said it was okay to use the songs in the game.

• Misses working with Benicio Del Toro; The Collector wasn't right for GOTG 2/he just didn't fit in/movie is smaller in ways with less characters and cast. 

• Awesome Mix Vol 2 track list will be released in a couple weeks.

• No Lloyd Kaufman cameo in GOTG 2; his character was killed in the first movie.

• Some cameos were cut that featured friends of Gunn's.

• Advice to new filmmakers and screenwriters: finish what you start.

• James Gunn has rights to "Toy Collector"; will probably re-release book at some point.

• Not the same Groot from the first movie in that this Groot doesn't have the memories from the first movie.

• The Aprils Fool's prank (originally a fan theory) that Sylvester Stallone is Galactus and Michael Rosenbaum is Silver Surfer is not true.

• Another April Fool's prank said the MCU and Star Wars universe is joining is not true.

• Sly and Rosenbaum and other people are yet to be revealed.

• Groot spinoof movie? Who knows? Gunn has ideas about potential spinoffs if he sticks around.

• Gunn knows what movie he is directing next, but is not quite ready to announce it. It will be soon.

• Yes, there are quite a few surprise characters in GOTG 2.

• Gunn recently said he was shown the Justice League trailer a couple months ago. Gunn says it wasn't Zack Snyder who showed him. He thought it was a fantastic trailer and let them know that.

• Quite a few Easter Eggs in GOTG 2.

• No Tango and Cash references with Stallone and Kurt Russell.

• Gunn tells Bradley Cooper what Groot's lines mean, when Cooper voices Rocket.

• Gunn uses the music to keep people grounded to the movie; something familiar in the unfamiliar.

• Vin Diesel did the voice of Baby Groot.

• Most of the beings have a translator chip, which Gunn compares to people having a cell phone.

• There's all sorts of Marvel characters Gunn would like to bring to the screen.

• Gunn directed and consulted the Guardians of the Galaxy: Breakout Disney ride and has already ridden it. "It's a heck of a lot of fun."

• Keeps a tight ship, not much ad-libbing and sticks to the screenplay.

• If he could, Gunn would use Frank Darbo, the Crimson Bolt,  from Super in Guardians.

• Chris Pratt choosing the song "Travelers" is for his own personal list of songs and is not associated or in the movie.

• All-time favorite Marvel movie not in the MCU: Logan, X2, First Class, but probably Deadpool is his favorite. Spider-Man 2 is also "wonderful."

• Is GOTG 2 appropriate for a nine-year-old girl? Gunn says depends on the parent-child relationship. There's violence like the first movie, etc.

• Favorite Guardians: Rocket and Groot.

• Gunn is executive producing Infinity War and has been working a lot on that and makes sure the Guardians stay true to themselves, how they speak, their choices, etc.

• Gunn says Marvel Studios has discussed making an R-rated movie and they can make it if they want. He doesn't think it's out of the question.

• Gunn cut a joke from the first movie that he is using in GOTG 2.

• Regarding directing a Star Wars movie, never say never, but right now Gunn feels like Guardians is a modern and different take on Star Wars.

• Gunn says he would love to do a musical.

• Won't direct an Avengers film.

• It's very easy working with his brother Sean Gunn and also Michael Rooker. 

• Says who knows and I don't know about doing a DC movie, but has lots he would love to tell.

• Regarding Howard Duck solo movie, an end credit or mid credit scene does not mean the character will get a solo film.

• Howard the Duck will probably reappear in the MCU.

• Howard The Duck movie is not likely, but who knows.

• Is dying to play Mass Effect Andromeda.

• Very excited for Brie Larson and the Captain Marvel movie. 

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