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IMAX & Marvel TV Equals Inhumans #FAIL?

IMAX & Marvel TV Equals Inhumans #FAIL?

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Sat, 05/06/2017 - 19:44
IMAX & Marvel TV Equals Inhumans #FAIL?

Following the lackluster Netflix Iron Fist series, which is currently sitting at a dismal 17% on Rotten Tomatoes, up next for Iron Fist showrunner Scott Buck is the highly anticipated Inhumans TV series, which makes its debut first in IMAX theaters prior to airing on ABC in the Fall.

What was once supposed to be a Marvel Studios movie, Inhumans has now been downgraded to a Marvel TV project, seemingly a result of the feud between Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter, who is in charge of Marvel TV/ Comics/ Gaming/ Licensing.

As it is the norm for TV projects to have a much smaller budget than their movie counterparts, it was thought that with IMAX on board Inhumans, the series would actually be a bit better and have a larger budget than regular TV shows (i.e. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD).

However, that might not be the case if the first official image of the Inhumans is anything to go by--which admittedly looks awful.

Fans and online websites have been blasting the Inhumans image on Twitter and other social media networks (as pointed out by Flickering Myth), especially worked up about the look of Medusa. Twitter users are comparing the image of Medusa, whose Inhuman power is to use her hair as weapons, to bad cosplay and even Shrek's Princess Fiona.

I'll add in my own two cents: I'm hoping it's just a bad photoshop job by some assistant in the Marvel TV office. Set pics of Serinda Swan as Medusa did reveal what looks to be a red wig, but I'm guessing her hair will be done with CGI when her Inhuman power is unleashed.

I will say, whoever approved of this image should get a scolding because there is no execuse how bad it looks. I've seen better fan art!

Let's get it together Jeph Loeb, Scott Buck and Marvel TV!


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