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First Look At Stan Lee's "The Reflection" Anime

Matt McGloin
Posted: 04/15/2017 - 00:56

Check out a first look at Stan Lee's new Japanese anime cartoon, The Reflection.

The video features footage from the series as well as comments from Stan Lee who teases: "What would happen if a large group of humans throughout the planet suddently gained mighty super powers?"

Stan Lee notes it's a Japanese cartoon, but it will appeal to everybody who loves an exciting story. 

The Reflection is set to air Saturdays starting this July in Japan.

Synopsis (translate):

The black evil dark smoke and the light that counteracts it covers the sky of the whole world and many people died. "Reflection incident". The one that survived rarely became "Reflected" with super power. Some are in hero (justice), others are in villain (evil). Why did "reflection" happen? What is its purpose? With a big mystery, the stories of new heroes and villains now begin.