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DCEU Photographer Blasts Justice League Trailer Fans

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Fri, 03/10/2017 - 14:47

DCEU photographer Clay Enos may have not had his morning cup of coffee as he took to the Vero social networking app to blast impatient Justice League trailer fans.

Fans online have been buzzing about the upcoming new Justice League trailer, thought to be released with April's The Fate of the Furious, as they just can't wait for new footage to drop.

Apparently Clay Enos has seen how so inundated Zack Snyder is getting with Justice League trailer release requests that Enos finally has had enough.

Enos posted the following on Vero:

I don't pay much attention to the way other directors are treated, but it does seem odd to constantly (and often in all-caps) be asking for a trailer just so folks can mine it for screenshots and potential speculative spoilers. My brother doesn't even watch trailers for fear of changing his impression of the film. And since when was it even considered polite to repeatedly demand such things far ahead of a schedule set by the studio?

All of this seems symptomatic of a culture spoiled by access and resultantly unsatisfied with the abundance all around them. Perhaps everyone needs to reset their expectations and sit with their impatience and excitement. That reflection may be hard but it will surely be revelatory. My two cents.   

If I can add my own two cents, while I'm not the one getting "bothered" on social media by the fans (at least about the Justice League trailer), I've always thought talk and hype of anything is a good sign and a good thing.

The Justice League trailer will come soon enough, but true to Enos' words, we'll just want more.  Now that's a bad thing?

Justice League hits November 17th.