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Zack Snyder Fires More Shots At Marvel Studios; Talks Man of Steel Vs. The Avengers, Iron Man & Thor

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 05/01/2013 - 10:54

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:7357:]]Zack Snyder, director on the Man of Steel, hasn't been pulling any super punches when it comes to his direct competition over at Marvel Studios.

The latest has Zack Snyder talking how he feels about launching a new Superman movie among all the other super hero movies.

Seems Snyder feels pretty confident about the Man of Steel and turns it around on Marvel, who should be worried about when the DC films get it right.

"It's Superman," Zack Snyder said in the latest issue of SFX Magazine. "If you get that right, that's the question you'll be asking everyone else. That should be the question you are asking Iron Man and Thor. How is it you can feel you can be making a superhero movie in a world where Superman and Batman exist?"

"They truely are pure archetypes. They are literally Biblical," Snyder continued. "If you get the DC characters right they can be important, they can be about us. It's not just a romp. That's the fun, for me, of working on this movie. We got that it was important. We weren't apologising for Superman, which I feel has happened in the past. It's Superman, for God's sake. He's a thing to be celebrated."

Snyder also comments on being compared to the Richard Donner classics, and takes one more shot at The Avengers.

"It's the first blockbuster. The Avengers, all those movies are all the same thing. Not that that's bad - I think that's awesome - but what we tried to do is say 'Okay, we're just pretending like that movie doesn't exist," he said.

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:7358:]]There's also been talk as of late about the PG-13 Rating of Superman and not being able to take your kids to it, as well as being compared to The Dark Knight Trilogy as Christopher Nolan worked on Man of Steel as a producer.

As we saw Henry Cavill tell us in the Man of Steel trailer #3, his "S" symbol represents hope, and Snyder mentions it isn't all dark.

"Of course there are comparisons to The Dark Knight. I love the movies that Chris made, but this is a very different movie - the sci-fi aspect, the way we shot it, the character...all those things combined. It's a much more optimistic movie, in a weird way, just because it's Superman. The thing Chris brought to it in its early stages is that ability to take the mythology seriously. Don't apologise for it. Fucking figure it out, make it work."

For more with Zack Snyder talking Man of Steel purchase the latest issue of SFX Magazine.

Man of Steel opens June 14th in IMAX 3D directed by Zack Snyder and starring Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman and Michael Shannon as Zod.

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