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XBox One Says Goodbye To Used Games

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 05/22/2013 - 01:02


The next-gen Microsoft console was announced earlier with the XBox One.

It's long been rumored that Microsoft was attempting to do away with the used game market where they make no money.

Well, now it's true.

Details are sketchy - probably for a reason - but it's being reported by multiple gaming outlets that if you sell your game, or even let your friend borrow it, they will have to pay full price in order to play the game under THEIR acccount.

However, if you simply want to take your game to a friend's house, you just need to sign into YOUR OWN account and there is no charge.

So this eliminates the second-hand market completely as obviously you can't sell your game to someone who has to pay full price as it is.

Effectively, what is going on is that you really don't own the game, but are paying for a license to use it.

But there is a kicker.

Microsoft has announced that users can still "sell" their games - but from the sketchy details - it's only online/digitally through Microsoft.

So from the sounds of it, Microsoft will be able to set the price and retain full control.

And maybe not even offer cash? Maybe instead points, etc.

For an example, my brother gave me God of War 3 and MW2. If those were XBox One titles, I would have to pay full price in order to play, which means my bro really gave me nothing.

How it works is, a code will come with the XBox One game that when entered online will be connected to only your account as well as can be shared with whatever accounts are on that one console.

Got multiple consoles in your house? Fork out the cash.

Sounds like Microsoft.

What this means for rental gaming as well as Ebayers and GameStop at this time is unknown as Microsoft has really not released any specifics.

Perhaps they are waiting to see the fan reaction.

Be sure to speak up.