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X-Men First Class Sequel Now Official: Two Confirmations

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 11/03/2011 - 21:06

picWe get not one, but two "official" confirmations in regards to the X-Men First Class sequel.

First, Jason Flemyng, who plays the teleporting assassin Azazel, mentioned in an interview that a script for the sequel has been started.

"There was a benchmark that they had to hit box office-wise before they could start writing the next one, which they've started. We'll just see how the DVD goes and then fingers crossed I'll be bright red again by next summer."

And second, SuperHeroHype has learned that Simon Kinberg is writing the sequel to X-Men: First Class, which has earned over $350 million since opening in theaters this June.

Good news!

I was just talking with CBN's own The Doc and Lawrence Napoli about First Class, and how I thought it was the best super hero movie of the year.

Think they will be able to top FC with the next one?