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Wonder Woman Release Date Moved up: Two New DC Release Dates Announced

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 04/06/2016 - 16:16

Warner Bros. has announced new release dates for a slate of films including Andy Serkis' Jungle Book (not to be confused with the upcoming Jon Favreau Disney movie) and the Gal Gadot Wonder Woman movie.

The Jungle Book will be released a year later, from October 6, 2017, to October 19, 2018.

Regarding Wonder Woman, the release date gets moved up from June 23, 2017, to June 2, 2017.

WB also announced release dates for two untitled DC movies with October 5, 2018, and November 1, 2019, which THR notes are for yet-to-be-announced films. More than likely one might be for the solo Ben Affleck Batman movie, as it has recently been learned Affleck wrote the script. The other possibly could be for a Suicide Squad sequel.

It's also noted a Warner Bros. event film is slated for October 6, 2016.

The current DC movie universe follows as:

August 05, 2016 - Suicide Squad

June 02, 2017 - Wonder Woman
November 17, 2017  - Justice League Part One

March 23, 2018 - The Flash
July 27, 2018 - Aquaman
October 05, 2018 - Untitled DC Film

June 14, 2019 - Justice League Part Two
November 01, 2019 - Untitled DC Film

April 03, 2020 - Cyborg
June 19, 2020 - Green Lantern Corps