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Wonder Woman Movie Not A Sure Thing Says Director

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 12/22/2014 - 04:00


Two months ago saw Warner Bros. announce a slate of Justice League movies one of which was Wonder Woman for a 2017 release.

Recently, Michelle MacLaren, known for directing episodes of Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, was named as the director.

Now in a recent interview with Vulture, MacLaren says Wonder Woman isn't a sure thing.

The article notes that MacLaren can't say much as she has signed non-disclosure agreements, but the article does state MacLaren warns "that at the moment there is no script, no release date. There’s not even an official green light from the film’s releasing studio, Warner Bros."

The news of Wonder Woman not yet getting approved follows mention that six scripts are actually being worked on for the film.

A screenwriter recently took to his Twitter account stating he was told WB ordered six scripts and will choose the one they feel works best.

Gal Gadot is due to make her debut as Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman, but what does not having the Wonder Woman movie officially green lit say?

Does it say Warner Bros. is worried about the character not working? Does it say WB is worried about the character not being well received in Batman Vs. Superman?

If the scripts being worked on turn out not to be any good, does that mean no Wonder Woman?

Does it say the other DC movies aren't greenlit as well?