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Wonder Woman Justice League Animated Movie In The Works At Some Point

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 10/24/2013 - 10:15


While there has been a lot of buzz surrounding Wonder Woman on the big screen as of late, it now becomes known that at some point a Wonder Woman Justice League movie will be made.

James Tucker, the animation supervisor at Warner Bros. who took over for Bruce Timm, happens to be a big Wonder Woman fan and told Toon Zone eventually Wonder Woman will get an animated movie treatment.

As far as what we’re doing, we’ll probably do a Wonder Woman-centered Justice League movie. We’ll use the Justice League as an umbrella to focus on characters who might not be able to support DVDs of their own. That’s not my judgment, that’s based on sales. But yeah, we’ll handle Wonder Woman in our own way, regardless of whether they’ll do a movie or not. I like her as a character and want to feature her as much as we can. But it will probably be in the context of a Justice League movie.

Tucker even offers some teasers about a Wonder Woman movie as he apparently has discussed it with WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara.

Well, you know, Kevin and I didn’t talk about that the last time we hung out…I’m joking. I’m very much joking. Never met the man, don’t know him. Seen pictures, that’s it. I know he doesn’t know me.

Tucker is questioned about meaning a Wonder Woman animated movie with his response being, "No, live action."

Tucker also offers the following on a potential Wonder Woman movie.

They’d have to have a movie out and it’d have to do really, really, really, really REALLY well for them to go back to that. You just never know. It hasn’t happened yet. But I would be all for it. 

WB's next animated movie is "Justice League: War," which comes out next year about Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's first arc on the New 52.