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The Wolverine (2013): Mangold Talks Comic Books, Japanese Martial Arts and More

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sun, 10/30/2011 - 00:30

picJames Mangold, the director on The Wolverine which is due to begin filming next year, offered up some details while speaking with The Playlist.

First up, Mangold mentions that a sequel is a good place to start because, similar to the comic books, they can start the story without delving into the origins as much.

“You could actually just tell a story about this amazing character from the start, just the way they do when you really read a comic,” Mangold said. “You don’t have to spend the first hour saying how they were born; you can actually just find them in an emotional space, in the middle of action, and what happens is you’re not crowded with cutting to nine other action heroes. You can really make a movie about this dude.”

Next, Mangold talks about how after reading the script he was intrigued how different it was, specifically mentioning the setting for The Wolverine, which takes place in Japan.

"It’s a kind of adventure following such a unique character also in a really unique environment,” Mangold tells The Playlist. “I mean, the fact that half of the characters in this movie speak Japanese, this is like a foreign-language superhero movie that’s as much a drama and a detective story and a film noir, with high-octane action as it is anything like a conventional tentpole film.”

Magnold continues with talk on what attacted him to the movie, and mentions two classic in particular with The Outlaw Josey Wales and Chinatown

“I think part of the reason I’m doing this picture has been because it isn’t to me a conventional superhero movie. It isn’t an origin story, so I’m freed from that burden, and it also isn’t a save-the-world movie, which most of them are. It’s actually a character piece; I actually think it has more in common with ‘The Outlaw Josey Wales’ and ‘Chinatown,’ what we’re doing, than the conventional, ‘will Wolverine and his compatriots save the world from this thermonuclear device’ question,” he said.

With that, Mangold gives us a taste of the action featured in The Wolverine with mention of Japanese Martial Arts.

“I think that this movie is much more an intense psychological and action-packed character piece, that’s much more about Logan getting lost in this very unique and insulated world of Japanese culture, gangster culture, and ninja culture,” he said. “The fighting is going to be unique because it’s all influenced by Japanese martial arts.”

The Playlist has more including James Mangold talking about Wolverines immortality, and how the questions related to that pulled him in. Good stuff.

Look for The Wolverine some time in 2013.