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Who the White Lantern was really meant to be! Or is! (Spoilers)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 04/07/2011 - 00:45

Spoilers, ahoy!


picOkay, I've been holding on to this since Brightest Day began, but what the heck. Seeing how the conclusion to Brightest Day #23 was leaked - and then revealed by DC -- why not?

As we saw in today's issue: Alec Holland is "Earth's Ultimate Savior" - Swamp Thing!

I thought that was pretty cool; I wasn't expecting it.

Does that mean Holland is the White Lantern?

A source that works for Warner Bros. said that the plan was for Deadman to become the White Lantern. It wasn't set in stone, so that obviously explains Swamp Thing. I was told that bit of Brightest Day info - and some info about the big bad guy in Green Lantern -- and it wasn't Krona! Again, this was right around when BD first started and wasn't anything concrete.  I won't spoil the GL part of it, as it could potentially still happen.

Let's just hope I didn't spoil who the White Lantern is really going to be, eh?!

Guess, we'll find out in Brightest Day #24.