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Who Is Cammi? Drax's Sidekick Faces Annihilation In Avengers Arena

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Fri, 09/14/2012 - 16:30


With the announcement that Marvel NOW’s Avengers Arena will be returning to us cosmic stars Darkhawk and Cammi, it makes us here in the CBN offices wonder if some of the complex story threads accompanying said characters might also return.

The fact that former cosmic editor Bill Rosemann, always a friend to CBN, is behind the book makes us feel good, and we are quite eager to see DH’s handling by creative team Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker.

What I – your trusty M.E., Byron Brewer – do not find particularly tasteful is this seeming gladiator mentality where young heroes battle to the death. Iron Man vs. Hulk, Thing vs. Sub-Mariner, OK. Mix it up. But even then, in the Marvelous Age of Marvel, it was never to the death.

And these are kids!

Cammi’s inclusion brings up some particular feelings, seeing as how she has been missing since the great sci-fi days of Annihilation. (Oh how we miss 'em!)

For the uninitiated – and that may be legion – Cammi was a 10-year-old elementary school student raised in Coot's Bluff, Alaska. She lived with her mother Mavis, who had a problem with alcohol. Her father has been missing for quite sometime.

Around this time, the Omega Core Prison Transport Vessel, designated Dredge 01, departed from Earth en route for the Kyln prison planetoid located at the edge on the universe in the Crunch Cascade. Galactic-level gangsters known as the Brood Brothers were transferred into the Omega Core's custody by Earth authorities. But before the Dredge 01 left the planet's orbit, a singularity drive failure caused it to crash-land back on Earth outside of Coot's Bluff.

Cammi and her friend Dex happened upon the five survivors of the crash: Drax, Paibok, the Blood Brothers and Lunatik. Tricking the (then) dim-witted Drax into thinking that she was his long-lost daughter Heather (Moondragon), Cammi goaded him into a fight with the Blood Brothers.

While waiting for a way to escape Earth, Paibok had grown tired of the feud between Drax and the Blood Brothers so he transformed himself into the likeness of Thanos and then impaled Drax through the head, seemingly causing his death. A strange occurrence soon followed. Cammi curiously claimed ownership of Drax’s dead body. The corpse began to smoke and melded into the ground beneath it. Later, a new version of the Drax entity bursts through the harden soil.


Paibok, Drax, Cammi and the surviving Blood Brother were taken into custody on the Omega Core Stockade Barge designated Dredge 02.

Cammi and Drax remained aboard Dredge 02 until it docked at the Xander Cluster, Tranta System, Andromeda Galaxy, on its way to the Kyln. At Xandar, the Omega Core Prison transport warden was forced to release Cammi and Drax because this new Drax’s genetic matrix readings did not match the originals recorded by the Omega Core.

While Cammi and Drax were awaiting their pending release, the great Annihilation Wave of the villainous Annihilus (natch) attacked the Xandar Cluster, destroying the prison.

Now stranded, Cammi and Drax began searching for transport off the planet, in the process running into Nova (Richard Rider version, the only acceptable version). Finding a Nova Corps Combat Cruiser, which was powered by the Nova Force that is stored inside of Rider, the companions traveled nine light years to the planet of Nycos, where they were met by the Protector of the Universe Quasar (Wendell Vaughn of Earth).

The heroes were attacked by Annihilus’ command section of the Annihilation Wave. Nova infected the Annihilation Waves' command structure by using a virus developed by the Xandar's World Mind. Cammi appeared piloting a rescuing Nova Corps Combat Cruiser. The infected vessels began to self-destruct, granting them safe passage out of the Xandar Cluster.

Cammi, Drax and Nova with the World Mind incorporated into his person then traveled into Kree space. They arrived on Daedalus 5 in the Greater Magellanic Cloud where Nova assumed leadership of the intergalactic resistance movement known as the United Front. Peter Quill, the former hero Star-Lord, served as Nova's chief aide and strategist. Bolstered mainly by the local Kree Forces, the resistance also included the Skrull Talos, Ronan, Gamora and her Graces.

The UF’s greatest assets, though, were the former Galactus Heralds Firelord, Red Shift and Stardust. Their mission was to prevent the Annihilation Wave, launched in the Negative Zone, from advancing any further into our positive matter universe.

While on Daedalus 5, Drax was informed by Phylla-Vell, daughter of the Kree hero Mar-Vell, that Moondragon had been abducted by Thanos. She gave Drax a package containing her severed ear, which confirmed the story of Moondragon's capture. Cammi asks if she can keep the ear. (See what we mean about Cammi? Corpses, ears?)

After a brutal battle with the Centurions from the Negative Zone, Drax leaves Cammi behind with the UF as he goes to rescue Moondragon. After single-handedly killing Thanos (and thus fulfilling his life’s mission, BTW), Drax returned with Moondragon.

Curiously, even though he later set out to find her in Guardians of the Galaxy, there has been no report of Cammi's whereabouts since the previous events.

Now comes Avengers Arena which stars not only Cammi and Darkhawk, but also students from Avengers Academyand the Runaways cast in addition to new characters.

I trust Bill Rosemann. Marvel with cosmic characters – eh, well, let’s just say they have not won me back thus far with Bendis GotG and Loeb’s nuNova.

Good luck, Cammi.