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What The D'ast? Popular CBN Column Relaunching

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Fri, 08/26/2011 - 13:50

Many changes are coming to the cosmic comics world in September. Green Lantern and its host of titles – along with 48 other mainstays – are being relaunched by DC to the excitement of all. Also, the powerful Annihilators will meet the Avengers in a four-part mini-series set in the Marvel U., Earthfall.

And here on your cosmic fan-friendly CBN, my venerable What the D’ast? column will be undergoing a relaunch of sorts itself. But do not worry, none of the continuity of past analyzed characters will change, lol.

If you look at the initial What the D’ast? offerings – especially the ones dealing with Doctor Voodoo, The Thanos Imperative and The Death of Captain Marvel – you will note that the tone is more of an editorial or, if you will (in public), an OPED piece, as seen on CBN from time to time. And that is what What the D’ast? was intended to be, thus its irregular schedule (at first) and its very name, a homage to our dear Guardians of the Galaxy and their lingo.

Somewhere along the way, I as a writer became enamored with telling the tales of the offbeat and sometimes very unknown characters in Marvel’s cosmic firmament, many that have not been heard from since the 1960s – or before. But I never felt the What the D’ast? title went along with the feature, and when I did have a great OPED story, my preferred column name was already taken – by me!

So, after discussing the issue with CBN top dog-slash-website creator Matt McGloin (the big, big office on the right here on Knowhere), here is what we decided to do:

This month, What the D’ast? will be “relaunched” as an irregular-running OPED column. Feelings will be strong, one-sided, and all the opinions will be mine, not necessarily those of CBN or its management. When you see the title What the D’ast? you will know your Managing Editor has very strong and definite ideas about some issue prevalent to the cosmic comics world (or thereabouts).

In the meantime, character sketches along the lines of Ye Olde What the D’ast? will continue to appear weekly, also written by your humble M.E., under the new moniker "Brew’s Crew." Cool, eh? And I wouldn’t be surprised if some DC cosmic characters slip into the mix this time out (although what their continuity will be is anyone’s guess right now.)

Please let us know what you think of these columns and the product as a whole here at CBN on our forum or in the comments below. We cannot be fan-friendly unless we hear from our fans. All barbs and fretters as well as compliments and kudos are welcome (especially the latter, lol).

See you at the relaunch. In the meantime, keep reading Brew's Crew for the best in cosmic character analyses. At least the best within earshot!