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What the D'ast? Marvel NOW!

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Sat, 07/07/2012 - 19:26


So with the anniversary coming for DC’s New 52, we have Marvel NOW! And for us at the CBN offices, the best thing we have seen is that little feller in the promo image brandishing a gun: Rocket Raccoon.

Bendis or no Bendis, a return of Rocket and hopefully some of the Guardians of the Galaxy now appearing in the BMB-scripted Avengers Assemble cannot help but be looked at as a positive move.

For months, Marvel heavyweight Tom Brevoort has been playing a hint-here, hint-there game with Marvel Cosmic fans about their heroes so this should be a welcome thing.

This despite Brevoort telling fans in a CBR interview that these are not really Marvel Cosmic characters but plainly Marvel (no genre) characters/heroes:

“Much like the change in outlook we're trying to bring about in uniting the disparate worlds of the X-Men and the Avengers, we're not looking at the ”˜cosmic’ books as being separate from the rest of the line. We're approaching these titles and characters as Marvel titles and characters,” Brevoort stated. “While by the nature of what they do and who they are guys like Nova and Rocket Raccoon will journey all over the universe, the same can be said of the X-Men or the Avengers, both of whom have spent plenty of time among the sea of stars in the past. So we're looking to unify that aspect of the Marvel pantheon as well, to integrate them more fully into the primary focus of the world and the publishing line, and not treat them like a separate entity so much. So yes, you'll be seeing more of Nova and Rocket and guys like that in the days to come.”

Nu-Nova is a subject for another time. But hopefully Brevoort’s remark does not mean only Earth-centric “cosmic stories” ala the Skrull Invasion event. We are still groaning from street-level Hercules, Chaos War and Space Punisher. Ech.

The good thing about Brian Michael Bendis as a writer and pusher of comics is that he usually, honestly cares about what he writes, and that is how the New Avengers franchise was born; and he is a long-range plotter/writer, so there are the short stories and the long stories. And maybe we can finally get a COSMIC event that is, well, cosmic. Then let the FF and Avengers join US!

I am a fan of Rick Remender, but do not much care that Uncanny Avengers, which I think is a legit concept, is, if I understand correctly, replacing the franchise book, Uncanny X-Men. For more than three generations of fans, this is/was the title that represented what was going on in the mutant world, the place Stan, Roy, Chris and others told the stories of those heroes that tried to live Xavier’s Dream, to save and protect a world that hated them.

Even after AvX, I am not sure Captain America or Thor would understand what being a mutant in America is like. And that makes the idea of this bridge book both good and bad, but not at the expense of the franchise core title.

Avengers under Hickman? Another popular writer and long-term planner, this is only received by me as good news. Eighteen Avengers? I dunno, Davey -- I always liked a small, tight team, one book (and bi-weekly sounds great too, BTW) and a lot of superhero adventure and soap opera in the Marvel Manner, something that has been lacking in the House of Ideas for awhile.

All in all, I am excited about Marvel NOW. At least now.

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