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What the D'ast? Kurrgo

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Tue, 06/14/2011 - 11:51

(Editor’s note: This is another in a series of irregularly-scheduled columns by Managing Editor Byron Brewer, mainly dealing with Marvel Cosmic and its many denizens. Mr. Brewer’s opinions do not necessarily reflect that of He welcomes both raves and opposing views.)


By Byron Brewer

pic Kurrgo is another one of those wonderful early Kirby cosmic creations from the pages of the Fantastic Four, #7 to be exact. Even here, you can see the wonder and majesty of things to come from Stan’s writing and Kirby’s art. These were not merely little green men The Man and The King were throwing at us (although byronically, Kurrgo is a little green man); these were fleshed-out characters. Their motives were believable even if their point of origin may not be.

Kurrgo was the master of the planet Xanth. Xanthan technology was a thousand years more advanced than Earth's, but they had only two spaceships as they had never cared for space travel. A runaway asteroid was going to inevitably collide with Xanth, destroying its civilization. The Xanthans' only two spaceships were insufficient to transport its five billion inhabitants. For that reason, Kurrgo sent to his robot to Earth to capture the Fantastic Four and bring them to Xanth as prisoners.

In order to solve their problem, Reed Richards created a reducing gas with which he miniaturezed the entire Xanthan population. This allowed all five billion Xanthans to fit in one spaceship and fly to another world together. Kurrgo tried to withhold the enlarging gas, hoping to rule as a giant over the rest of his miniature race. As his planet crumbled around him, Kurggo refused to let go of the container and thus missed his opportunity to escape with the rest of his people. Ironically, the enlarging gas had been a fake. Richards had only told the Xanthans that the enlarging gas existed to get them to consent to his plan. Once they reached their new home, they would all be the same size relative to each other anyway.

Kurggo's loyal robot saved him and led him to a hidden spaceship, in which he fled from the destruction of Xanth. Kurrgo traveled in search of his subjects. When he found them, they had settled on a new planet and had constructed sufficient weaponry to drive off Kurrgo and his robot.

Insulted, Kurrgo decided to take revenge on his people. Kurrgo went to Earth planning to use the Thing as his servant and force him to help him overcome the Xanthans. To his astonishment, he discovered that a stronger being existed: the Hulk! When Kurrgo tried to enlist the Hulk for his aims, he was stopped by the Leader, who also had plans to use to the powerful Hulk in his schemes.

In order to decide who would manipulate the Hulk, both decided to organize a battle between them, with each acting as a champion for each respective villain. The winner would get to use both the Hulk and the Thing for his aims, as well as the scientific knowlege of the loser. The Leader chose the Hulk and Kurrgo chose the Thing. They teleported the Hulk and the Thing to a ghost town in southwest America. The Thing was tricked into believing a bomb was planted in the other end of the city that would blow up the entire planet. The Hulk mistakenly blamed the Thing for his teleportation and attacked him. Kurrgo secretly beamed energy to the Thing and increased his strength. After the Thing managed to destroy the bomb, he discovered it was a fake and the battle ended unresolved.

The Hulk and the Thing were brought aboard Kurrgo's ship, where the Thing figured out that Kurggo had been enhancing his strength. The Leader claimed victory by default. Kurggo was unable to accept defeat and sent his robot against the Leader, but before it reached him the robot was struck by the Thing and the Hulk. The impact of the robot against the ship's control panel caused the ship’s engines to overload and explode. The Hulk and the Thing jumped off before the explosion. Kurrgo most likely died in the explosion, and his plans of revenge died with him.

Or did they? We may see the Kirby-created Kurrgo slipping out of a nebula any time, and I am sure the new FF will be waiting for him.