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What the D'ast? I want my MCC (Marvel Comics Cosmic)!

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 09/19/2012 - 17:07


The image from the latest issue of Avengers Assemble sticks in my mind and I cannot get it out. For the first time in years, we have the Elders of the Universe along with my favorite cosmic entity, the Stranger, as well as the In-Betweener and some others - all gathered together as in Mark Gruenwald’s time - and confronting Thanos the Mad about his new Cosmic Cube.

The talk goes good for awhile, as the characters (especially the Collector) actually seem themselves under Bendis-type. And then: BLOOEY! They are gone, supposedly killed by the cube backed by the will of the Mad Titan.

I can still recall, before Secret Invasion, “architect” Brian Michael Bendis paying tribute to all that Joss Whedon and John Cassaday had labored on in Astonishing X-Men. Then in one of the first issues of said “event,” there went S.W.O.R.D. HQ  -- BLOOEY! How’s that for a complement, Joss and John?

Honestly, if this is all Bendis is going to do with Guardians of the Galaxy, I would rather them join (or rejoin, in Peter’s case) Rich Rider in what is left of DnA’s Cancerverse.

Yeah, I know a movie is coming out, a big Disney space movie with the Abnett-Lanning team of Guardians fighting against possibly Thanos himself. But until that time, are we just gonna have the heroes wandering around the beautiful worlds of Marvel Space created by Lee, Kirby, Englehart, Gerber, Starlin and more, facing no melodrama or furthering of those themes or tying up any loose threads (and they are legion), but simply a big fight and then – BLOOEY!

Look at the Green Lantern franchise now, for Odin’s sake, and the myriad stories Geoff Johns and others have plucked from this mythos. Look at the beautiful and soon-to-be-legendary run of Jonathan Hickman on Fantastic Four and how he used those great space gods and creations of Lee and Kirby to sublime ecstasy. Look at DnA’s Hypernaturals, creating a whole new world on the back of a cosmic team no one even knows yet, filling that universe with wonders and also with evils like Sublime.

I want my cosmic – yes, we still say “cosmic” around here – back, Mr. Bendis. My Marvel Comics Cosmic, my MCC! You gave me great times in Avengers and especially in the first run of New Avengers, so I am not pouring any internet Hater-Aid here. Take your chance, take your shot. It took Gerry Conway a time to “get” Thor. Take your time, bring us adventure and beauty in the outer limits of the 616.

But please, don’t keep all this going just to end if the movie falls into the abyss of Howard the Duck rather than in the Valhalla of Avengers. Even if the movie sucks, make the comic work!

That is the challenge, Mr. Bendis, to you and your fellows. I hope you do not, like Marvel NOW Marvel Cosmic thus far seen, see sales and readership go – well -- BLOOEY!