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We Can Thank Mark Millar For X-Force Movie; Features 5 Characters

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 07/23/2013 - 17:31


Looks like we can thank Mark Millar, the Fox Studios Marvel consultant, for the upcoming X-Force movie as the writer/possible director on the film, Jeff Wadlow, says so in a recent interview.

We also hear from Millar as well, who states X-Force will feature five characters.

SlashFilm caught up with the duo recently asking them about X-Force.

"X-Force is something I’m incredibly passionate about and without his [Mark Millar] support it wouldn’t be happening," Wadlow offered.

Regarding which version of the team fans will see on the big screen - the 90s Liefeld original or the current "Uncanny" version -  Wadlow doesn't say.

"I love the current incarnation, Uncanny X-Force. I love what Rob did in the nineties. I remember buying X-Force 1 and what I’ve really loved about the announcement that we are working on the movie is how excited people are by the potential," Wadlow said.

Wadlow goes on to state he loves the guessing games that are happening regarding the characters to be featured in the movie, with Millar adding there are five.

"People are going to be dissecting every name as it gets released, so it will be so cool when you have your five," Millar said.

That's an interesting statement from Mark Millar which may suggest the X-Force version on the silver screen won't match any specific team. Previously, Wadlow hinted at the same by stating it could be many different things.

Currently, Jeff Wadlow is writing the X-Force movie script with about 20 pages in as of Comic-Con.