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WB Wants Attack on Titan Movie

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Wed, 01/18/2017 - 11:02

It's reported Warner Bros. is currently negotiating to get the feature film rights for the popular Japanese manga, Attack on Titan.

Deadline reports Fantastic Beasts producer David Heyman is behind the project at WB.

It's noted the Warner Bros. Attack On Titan movie would be a remake of the recent Japanese Attack On Titan movies that were done in two parts. 

Attack On Titan centers around a group of young people who survive the destruction of their walled city district by enormous, man-eating Titans and eventually go on to protect humanity from this overpowering foe.

Attack On Titan is hugely popular not only in Japan but worldwide and has spawned TV series, comics, movies and video games.

Here is the descriptions for the Japanese two-part Attack On Titan movies that WB is basing their film on, and you can watch a clip below:

Attack On Titan Part 1

Japan, present day. The sudden arrival of the Titans - mysterious, gigantic humanoid creatures who devour human beings one after the other - brings mankind to the brink of extinction.

Fast-forward 100 years. What remains of the human population now survives in relative peace behind massive walls erected in defense against the Titans. Yet once again, that peace is shattered when a Colossal Titan, measuring over 50 meters tall, smashes through the wall and allows a horde of other Titans to enter.

Eren Yeager had resigned himself to a life confined behind these walls. "Nothing I do would make a difference", he thought. But when he joins the 'Outer Wall Restoration Team' set up to fight against the Titans, he is reunited with Mikasa, a childhood friend and someone he had long rued not being able to save. The new recruits embark on a mission to plug the gaping hole in the wall and stop the waves of titans once and for all. With humanity's survival on the line, will there be a future for Eren and Mikasa, and for mankind itself?

Attack On Titan Part 2:

Eren and the others set out on a mission to restore the Wall that had been destroyed by a colossal Titan, but they're suddenly faced with a quagmire when they're attacked by a horde of Titans. Shikishima, the Titan-slaying captain of the Scout Regiment, arrives to save the day, but the Titans show no sign of letting up. During the battle, Eren is badly injured, and in the process of saving his friend Armin, he's swallowed whole by a Titan. Just as all hope seems to be lost, a mysterious Titan with black hair suddenly appears and begins annihilating the other Titans.

If this mission fails, it will spell the end of humanity. Why did the Titans appear? Why do people continue to fight? The last counterattack to save human civilization is about to begin.


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