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Watch: Wheel of Time TV Pilot: "Winter Dragon"

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 02/10/2015 - 10:14

Watch the pilot for Wheel Of Time "Winter Dragon" that aired last night on FXX at 1:30 AM EST.

The pilot is based on the hugely popular Robert Jordan fantasy novels and was done without the estate of Robert Jordan's involvement.

Apparently, the rights holder needed to get it on TV before a certain date, which is why you may have missed it.

Though Wheel Of Time aired in the middle of the night, in what io9 describes as an infomercial, the CEO of Red Eagle Entertainment and the executive producer of "Winter Dragon," Rick Selvage, says there are plans for more.

"['Winter Dragon'] was a pilot for a high-budget production television series," Selvage said. "We think there's huge demand for the television series internationally, and we're looking forward to producing it and getting it out in the marketplace. Obviously, the pilot was a prologue to the 'Eye of the World,' which is the first book. It was not the introduction to the series, although it is a pilot. Certainly, we want fans to find out about it and be excited that there's a lot more to come."

Regarding the estate of Robert Jordan not being involved, Jordan's widow stated the news of the pilot airing was "startling" and made "without [her] knowledge or cooperation," and that the rights revert back on February 11th, as well as she is "dumfounded" and is "taking steps to prevent its reoccurrence."