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Watch: What is Ghost Rider? - Marvel TL;DR

Matt McGloin
Posted: 12/30/2016 - 15:27

With Ghost Rider such a fan-favorite on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, how's the comic book?

Sadly, it's not any good, but you can check out the latest episode of Marvel's new animated series, "TL;DR" which takes a look at the "all-new" Ghost Rider.

"Marvel TL;DR" previously covered Infinity GauntletSpider-VerseThor: RagnarokCaptain America Winter Soldier SagaPlanet Hulk and Civil War.   

Today, Marvel tells the story of the Engines of Vengeance! This, friends, is a story of young man trying to do good for his brother. Follow Robbie Reyes as he finds himself now with the power of Ghost Rider, which he uses to help those in his neighborhood!