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Watch: The Walking Dead Spoiler Death Scenes

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Tue, 03/17/2015 - 09:02


It's been a couple of days since Sunday's shocking episode of The Walking Dead that saw not one, but two members of the group meet their maker that night.

Aiden bit the dust when he fired upon a zombie army soldier that happened to have a grenade.

The next death happened as a result of that as the zombies were let loose from the cage, and then Glenn and Noah were trapped in the revolving door.

In probably one of the most gruesome death scenes that I can recall for the show, Noah was eaten alive and had his face ripped apart while Glenn sat their watching (Aiden's was pretty gruesome as well).

The episode seemed to foreshadow Noah having a long life taking over as the new architect. Well, it can be argued Noah was responsible for the deaths of both Beth and Tyreese, so I guess he had it coming.

Check out Noah's death scene:

Aiden's death scene:

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