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Watch: Thor Stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton In Avengers 2 Scene

Posted By: Staff
Tue, 05/05/2015 - 22:14


For those that have seen The Avengers 2, they know it featured tons of action; however, all that action wasn't done by the pretty-faced actors we see on the big screen, but also by a dedicated group of stuntmen.

Fans are already familiar with Chris Hemsworth's double, Bobby Holland Hanton, following the set image reveal of the new Thor 2 costume.

Hanton returned for Avengers 2 and not only doubled for Hemsworth, but Captain America Chris Evans as well (pictured above).

Hanton told THR the following about Avengers 2, and check out a video below showcasing Hanton in action as Thor from an Avengers 2 scene.

I started off stunt doubling Captain America before Chris [Hemsworth] had started. I started the show in Korea, filming the sequence on the big truck as Cap. Then I had roughly five to seven weeks before my first bit of Thor stunt stuff came up. That was when my diet and training plans changed and became a lot harder and more intense so I could get to that Thor size. Captain America is in great shape anyway, so I started from that. I went from eating five meals a day to sometimes seven or eight meals a day to put on the extra size. Instead of training once a day in the gym, I went up to two training sessions a day in the gym.

That was split with another stunt double, Andy Lister, who took over the Captain America stuff once we'd gotten back to the UK and I'd turned my attention to Thor. I was hanging off the back of a truck. Ultron blasts the door open and I swing, smashing into the door and kick off and then he blasts again and we land on the road and I was kind of surfing on the back of the door on the road. It was a new experience for me. I had not done much outside of the vehicle work, with live roads and live traffic. I had to really be focused and on top of my game and make sure everything for me was in place.