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Watch: Michael Keaton & Robert Downey Jr. Talk Batman

Posted By: Staff
Wed, 12/31/2014 - 19:01

Check out a cool round-table interview where Michael Keaton discusses playing Batman in the 1989 movie for Tim Burton.

Keaton starts off by stating how tired he was doing the role when Robert Downey Jr. mentions Michael Keaton was the guinea pig of the Mark 1 version of all those suits.

Michael Keaton then goes on to talk about first wearing the Batman suit, which was finally ready hours before they began filming.

Keaton recently starred in Birdman which has drawn huge critical acclaim leading to the possibility of a Best Actor Academy Award for the actor.

While promoting Birdman, Michael Keaton also let it be known that:

Keaton hasn't seen the Nolan films, but would play Batman again.

Turned down Batman 3 because it sucked.

Replied to questioning that he is still Batman.

(Note: Player above may not work in Google Chrome for some reason)