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Watch: LEGO Avengers Tower: Invasion Fan-Film

Posted: 02/24/2015 - 01:29

Watch a LEGO Avengers fan-film above with LEGO Avengers Tower: Invasion, which was created by the Jam Pot Studios YouTube  channel.

The Avengers are attacked on their home turf in the beginning of a new LEGO Marvel saga! When AIM launches an assault on Avengers Tower, Earth's Mightiest Heroes are outgunned and unprepared for a battle that will leave no stone unturned.
Part one of 'The Ultron Paradigm' story arc.

Iron Man - Courtney Leacock
Black Panther - Courtney Leacock
Captain America - Cliff Thompson
Spider-man - Nick Raines
Ultron - Jay Silver
Aldrich Killian - Shawn West
Mockingbird - Kosi Carter