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Watch: Highlander: Dark Places Trailer

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sun, 10/19/2014 - 22:54


Check out the full-length trailer for the Highlander: Dark Places fan film.

Highlander: Dark Places is directed by Andrew Modeen starring Erika Tadeo, George Motakis, Mark Rahner, Moses Olson, Ronee Collins.


HIGHLANDER: DARK PLACES introduces Malej, a Brazilian Immortal who is over 500 years old. As he struggles to suppress the darkness that is slowly consuming him, Malej faces a choice: leave the Game to be with his mortal love, or give in to a half-millennium worth of rage by facing his one true enemy. Split into 4 chapters, we then follow an Immortal holy man trying to unravel a murder mystery, then a young new Immortal in the Game looking for revenge, to finally explore the past and destiny of the mysterious villain of the film, Keradoc, leading us to 15th century Romania. DARK PLACES is a tale of love, honor and redemption - and an intriguing new chapter in the vast HIGHLANDER mythology.