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Watch: Grayson: Earth One Jason Todd Fan Web Series

Posted By: Staff
Wed, 03/04/2015 - 09:05


The second episode of the Grayson: Earth One fan web series is now up which features the second Robin, Jason Todd, and a never-before-seen villain, the clown princess of crime, who is hell bent on picking up where the Joker left off. 

The series comes from the P3Series YouTube channel and Writer/director Hisonni Johnson, with the first episode netting close to 500,000 views.

Here is the description for the second episode, and you can watch both below.

This jaw-dropping second chapter resumes moments after the events of episode 1. It’s follows a 17 year old car thief named Jason Todd, whom in another life, become the second Robin. Instead, Jason is left to navigate America’s most dangerous city in search for purpose, safety and a family to call his own. Unfortunately… He finds one.

Grayson: Earth One Ep 1.5:

Grayson: Earth One Series Premiere: