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Watch Fox’s Defunct Daredevil Movie Sizzle Reels

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 08/14/2012 - 23:26

Earlier today Cosmic Book News reported on the fact that the Daredevil movie had lost director Joe Carnahan, and that the rights to the movie look to be reverting to Marvel Studios and Disney.

Carnahan had tweeted how his involvement with the Fox Studios Daredevil movie was all just about gone, and now the director has shared his Daredevil movie sizzle reel.

While not actual footage, the sizzle reel is put together using other sources to give some idea of a creator's vision — more of a pitch.

There are two versions, found below, a PG-13 rated video and an NC-17 version.

Could Carnahan be attempting to draw up some support in the hopes that Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige would green light his Daredevil movie, which has been described as "a Frank Miller-esque, hardcore 70s thriller?"

Take a look: