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Watch: The Flash Spoilers Revealed & More

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 03/17/2015 - 23:45


The Flash returned tonight offering the answer to the question: Who is Harrison Wells?

Tonight saw Wells kill off Cisco as the tech genius was hot on Wells' trail.

Prior to Wells stopping Cisco's heart, Wells informed Cisco he was from the future; that his real name is Eobard Thawne; that he's been stuck in the past for 15 years; that he meant to kill Barry in the past and not Barry's mother; that returning home depends on The Flash; that he would kill Barry anyway, and that Eddie is a descendant of his.

In the comics, Eobard Thawne is from the 25th century known as both Professor Zoom and the Reverse Flash.

The episode also saw two other big reveals: Iris and Barry professed their love for each other, and Barry was forced to reveal himself to Iris as The Flash. Joe West was captured by the Weather Wizard with Barry forced to use his powers to save Central City from a Tsunami.

As seen earlier in the episode, when Barry was running through the streets, he noticed a double of himself. Wells seemed to explain it away as being a speed mirage - and Wells even showed us how it was done when he killed Cisco - however, this wasn't the case with Barry as Barry had to go faster than he has ever ran before to stop the Tsunami, which sent him back in time to the exact moment he saw his double.

The episode ended there, with the preview hinting at what looks to be Barry able to change the events from this episode.

Also, was that a Quantum Leap reference at the end ("oh, boy")?

At this past weekend's PaleyFest, THR spoke with executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, Tom Cavanagh and Candice Patton about the events, and now the interview has been released offering the following details:

• It's said not everything will be undone by time travel next week (but it's more than likely Cisco will be saved).

• The revelation that Wells is Eobard Thawne looks to put to rest Eddie as Reverse Flash, with it said some great scenes are coming up between Wells and Eddie.

• Wells being in our time period is compared to one of us going back in time and living before plumbing or the internet: "Every day in this time is an assault on him."

• Both Kreisberg and Cavanaugh don't see Wells as a villain, but maybe even a hero: "There's nothing he says in that scene with Cisco that isn't the truth," said Kreisberg. "He's sorry he found out. He's sorry it has to happen, but it does have to happen and there's a scene in episode 16 which kind of mirrors this scene, that I think really speaks to that."

• It's said Iris will continue to look into Wells, though it's against Barry's wishes.

• Regarding what's to come, it's said Wells will start to share some of the future knowledge he has about some of the characters, and that episode 7 will feature a flashback to the beginning of the series from different perspectives including Wells' own.

"Toward the ends of the season, a whole bunch of new questions will pop up and that will drive the series forward. Most of the questions that we proffered at the beginning of the season will be paid off," Kreisberg said.