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Watch Dan Slott Talk Silver Surfer (Video)

Posted By: Staff
Wed, 10/16/2013 - 09:46


Below you can check out over fifteen minutes of Dan Slott talking about his new Silver Surfer ongoing while attending last weekend's NYCC.

Dan shared his enthusiasm about the book with CBR offering, "Our Marvel Universe is more like Hitchhiker's Guide, Doctor Who and Red Dwarf. Our Marvel Universe is the one that has a giant planet with a face on it screaming at you. It's Kirby, and it's weird and it's big, and it's all the kind of stuff [Jim] Starlin was writing when you were like, "What was he smoking?" It's that section of the Marvel Universe."

Slott also compares the new Silver Surfer to his previous runs on She-Hulk and Thing adding, "It's not gonna be wacky and zany, but it's gonna be fun and full of adventures."

Dan continues with mention he is going to take the Silver Surfer to never before seen places in the Marvel U.

"One of the neat things about this is that it's a character on this silver surfboard, who can go anywhere and do anything, and he's gonna go to sections of the Marvel Universe you have never seen," Slot said. "This book is about the ride. This book is about the journey. This book is about soaring, and going places and doing things that you've never seen before."

The book will also be teaming the Silver Surfer with an Earth woman, Dawn, that is compared to being a companion to Doctor Who, as the Surfer is travelling through space alone as well.

"Whenever you think of the Silver Surfer there's a loneliness there. There's the guy from Zenn-La that gave up his humanity to become a herald of Galactus, to become this cosmic thing. And then he was a slave to Galactus, and then he was a prisoner of earth, and now he's free," Slott said. "But even when he's been free, there's still a kind of emptiness, a loneliness -- he's the lone sentinel of the starways."

Check out the video below for more from Dan Slott.

"Silver Surfer" #1 hits in March from Dan Slott and Mike Allred. Look for a ten-page story featuring the Silver Surfer in January's Point One issue.