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Watch: CW's The Flash Meets Doctor Who In Lego Dimensions

Watch: CW's The Flash Meets Doctor Who In Lego Dimensions

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Sat, 11/19/2016 - 18:19
Watch: CW's The Flash Meets Doctor Who In Lego Dimensions

Check out footage below where two time-travelling TV series pair up with The Flash and Doctor Who for LEGO Dimensions.

The footage reveals the Doctor Who TARDIS travelling to the world of CW's The Flash and STAR Labs.  

While we can only dream of Doctor Who meeting up with The Flash, at least we get to live it out in the game.

The Flash STAR Labs level lets Doctor Who unlock his regenerative abilities as well as new levels. We even see The Flash using the Cosmic Treadmill to unlock a portal.

Here is a description of the Doctor Who LEGO Dimensions Pack:

Fans who want more of the Whoniverse beyond the Doctor Who level in the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack can purchase the Doctor Who Level Pack which includes “The Dalek Extermination of Earth,” an additional mission-based Doctor Who level, along with a 12th Doctor LEGO minifigure, TARDIS that can travel across time and space, and K-9 – all playable in the game. Gamers can play as any of the twelve doctors. When the 12th Doctor is defeated in the level, he returns as the 1st Doctor and then regenerates back up to the 12th Doctor again.  The interior of the TARDIS will reflect the corresponding Doctor the player embodies or can be manually selected.  There’s even a jukebox inside where players can choose among different versions of the Doctor Who theme music. Players can further upgrade their LEGO Dimensions gameplay with the Doctor Who Cyberman Fun Pack, featuring a buildable Cyberman minifigure and rebuildable Dalek.  

LEGO Dimension is now available.

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