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Watch: Chris Evans Jokes Robert Downey Jr. Is Like Batman

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Fri, 05/13/2016 - 18:43

Check out a video below featuring Chris Evans talking about that cool helicopter scene from Captain America: Civil War.

Evans is asked if there was any digital effects used for the look of his bulging biceps.

Evans asks Kevin Feige if there was, in which Feige says it's all Evans.

Evans then goes on to explain that filming the movie saw his arm become soar at various times. 

Chris Evans then jokes he was in Robert Downey Jr.'s trailer nursing his soar arm, and compares it to Batman.

"...There were many days that I would come into Downey's trailer, and he has all these amazing contraptions," Evans offered. "He's like - well, I was going to say another comic book character; we don't want to bring DC into this [everyone laughs]. - but he has all these amazing toys, and he had all these stickers and weird things ["electro medicine," added Downey]. Whatever it is. It actually was great. It's a mess again though..."

Paul Rudd and Anthony Russo also offer their thoughts on the scene.